Original Art

There are many ways to frame an original artwork. The team at In The Picture will guide you through the best solutions for presenting your piece, so visually it looks amazing while still being preserved at the same time. Using the correct framing methods and only the best materials available.

All original paintings, such as acrylics and oils, are better preserved and protected under glass. Paint can often cause a 3D effect and therefore multiple boarders may be required, in order to raise the glass away from the surface of the paint. We can also box mats in a 3d capacity if a greater gap is required. Not only do highly regarded conservators recommend this, but so do we.  The glass we stock at – In The Picture contains UV filters and therefore not only does it protect the painting from dust, silverfish, insects and fingerprints, it also prevents the paint from fading.

Original artworks created on papers such as; mulberry, canson, silk, bond or watercolour paper, will need mats (borders) to stop the glass from touching the artwork. These artworks naturally “wave” and If they are flush (pressed against) with the glass with no mat creating space, they will not be able to ‘breathe’. Eventually the original work on paper will stick to the glass and mould will start to grow, totally destroying it in the process.

Original paintings can also be framed with a frame only or a more popular alternative is our Silhouette range where the frame sits against the edge of the painting, rather than overlapping it. We also offer canvas stretching for all artworks/fabrics on canvas.

Hot Tip
Original art looks great in an area of Impact. Think entry way, stairwell, voids, dining rooms and foyers. They are great conversation starters and energy uplifters… Think colour, high contrast or black and white theatrical drama!!!!